Norway nov 2014

“Learning to do business in Europe through participating in Gründercamps, for young entrepreneurs in Norway, Latvia and Sweden”


Monday 3. November
18.50  Latvians arrive at Oslo Airport
ca. 19.30  Latvians arrive by train at Oslo Central Station
ca. 20.00  Dinner at VaPiano Restaurant
ca. 21.30  Latvians go by tram to Haraldsheim

Opera Software

Tuesday 4. November
Before 12.30  Latvians sightseeing + recreation time (individual)
9.50  Swedes arrive at the Oslo Central Station
ca. 10.10  Swedes go by bus or tram to Haraldsheim
11.30-12.15  Lunch for everybody at Foss School
Information about our Erasmus+ project by Eline
Information about Foss school by Headmaster Stein Øgrim
Information about Oslo and Norway by students
12.15-14.00  Presentation of Latvia: Riga, School, Mini companies
Presentation of Sweden: Stockholm, School, Mini companies
Presentation of Norway: Mini companies
Information about the Gründercamp task and groups
14.00-14.30  We follow lessons at school: se separate plan
15.30-16.30  Visit at Opera Software by Espen Øverdal, Creative director, Brand. Presentation about “Opera Software and Innovation”
From 16.30  Sightseeing + recreation time
20.00  Dinner for everybody at Foss school


Wednesday 5. November
Day 1) Gründercamp at BI Nydalen
9.00-9.15  Presentation of Partner: The Architect Company Snøhetta
9.15-9.30  Presentation of task by Snøhetta
9.30-10.00  Creative excersises v/Kim from Young Enterprise Oslo
10.00-10.30  1 PHASE
10.30-11.30  2 PHASE Working with task in groups
11.30-12.30   Lunch at BI)
12.30-19.00   Working with task in groups
Supervisors present 13.00 – 16.30
Teacher collaboration
20.00  Dinner together in the italian Restaurant PEPE Nero

BI campBilde

Thursday 6. November
Day 2) Gründercamp at BI Nydalen- 27 students – 9 groups à 3 students
9.00-9.30  Opening and “How to pitch” by Kim from Young Enterprise Oslo
9.30-11.30  Working with task in groups
11.30-12.30  Lunch at BI
12.15-14.00  Working with task in groups, Supervisors present 12.30 – 14.00
14.00 3 PHASE  Deadline for submission, Jury present from 14.00 – 17.15
15.00-15.15  Working with presentation in groups
15.15-16.15  Presentation, maximum 5 minutes for each group
16.15-16.45  Jury work
16.45-17.00  Announcement of winner, Awards ceremony, End of Camp
18.00-20.00  Dinner in Oslo at VaPiano
21.00  Swedes leaves by train from the Oslo Central Station


Friday 7. November
Sightseeing for Latvians
10.00-11.30  Nobel Peace Centre / Ski Museum
11.30-13.00  Lunch (individual)
13.00-14.00  The Norwegian Opera & Ballett, guided tour (Building made by Snøhetta)
14.30-15.30  Nobel Peace Centre
16.00  Fetching luggage at Foss school
17.00   Latvians leave by train from Oslo Central Station
19.20  Latvians leave from Oslo Airport


Participants: 26 students + 5 teachers/headmasters
Latvia: 11 students + teacher and Headmaster
Sweden: 4 students and former Headmaster + teacher
Norway: 11 students and teacher

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– through participating in Gründercamps – for young entrepreneurs in Norway, Latvia and Sweden